Why choose
Northridge Care

You can feel confident that your stay with us at Northridge Healthcare will be whatever you want it to be; it could become your home or a place to come and relax on holiday, whilst knowing that all of your health and support needs will be dealt with by us. Northridge Healthcare will:

  • Respect the right of the individual to maintain independence and control over their own lives
  • Promote positive risk taking
  • Respect the different values and cultural beliefs of individuals
  • Actively work to enhance the quality of life of guests, residents and their families & carers
  • Encourage guests, residents and their carers to participate in determining the direction, programmes and activities adopted by Seaview
  • Provide services responsive to the individual needs of the guests, residents and their carers
  • Develop procedures and practices to ensure that available resources (human, material, financial and information) are used in the most effective and efficient manner to achieve positive outcomes
  • Undertake planning and evaluation to ensure that the services offered are relevant, timely and effective
  • Ensure the viability of the service by exploring options for diversification
  • Achieve appropriate alliances with organisations, communities and individuals