What can you expect at
Northridge Care

Your rights to freedom of choice, privacy and personal dignity will be respected at all times. We have chosen our Personal Assistants very carefully and they are here, as far as possible, to make your stay with us enjoyable, fun and as active or as relaxing as you want it to be.

The staff are here to support you with anything that you find hard to manage on your own and encourage and support you to do the things that you enjoy. This could be relaxing, going out shopping, going for a walk or taking part in an activity of your choice. We have our own Activities Coordinator, who is developing our programme of activities for the coming year. Our staff are trained to be understanding and sensitive to your emotional and physical needs.

Confidential information will always be treated as such and if information is to be shared with other professionals, this will always be discussed with you prior to doing so.

No matter what your level of need you can be confident that we will be able to ensure that you are cared for, supported and comfortable.

While you are staying with us, we will encourage you to be involved in all decisions that affect you, we will provide a safe and comfortable environment, plus support and stimulation to maximise your potential. You will be encouraged to be involved in all decisions affecting your day to day living requirments,unless there are demonstrable reasons why this is not possible or appropriate.